4 Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes for Cannabiseurs

New to the CBD and Cannabis world? Do you have a gadget or trend fetish? Exploring the world of Medical Marijuana  can be expensive and complicated. I personally have found that using subscription boxes to test out new devices and trends is both fun and affordable.

Cannabis and Smoke subscriptions deliver all the essentials like cooking secrets, glass pieces, rolling papers, high-quality grinders, and lots of fun toys. All the cannabis subscription boxes below are also discreetly packaged to ensure privacy is maintained for each subscriber.

Best 420 Subscription Boxes in 2019
1. Dojabox

Cost: Starts at $15.83/month

What’s Included: If you’re looking for a girly weed subscription box, then Dojabox is a great option. In addition to smoking accessories like glass pieces, rolling papers, and wraps, each Dojabox also includes self-care items like cruelty-free bath and beauty products for ultimate relaxation.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on or around the 14th of each month

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2. SensiBox by Spiced UP

Cost: Starts at $16.66/month

What’s Included: SensiBox adds a personal touch to each curate weed box, curating different items for each subscriber. Choose between two subscription tiers for 5-7 smoking essentials like hemp products, a glass piece, snacks for munchies, and grinders.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 10th-12th of every month

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Cost: Starts at $23.35/month

What’s Included: My Best Bud Box is all about delivering premium products to enhance the smoking experience. Subscribers can choose between three subscription options: My Best Lil Bud Box for 8-10 smoking products, My Best Bud Box for 10-13 products, or My Best Big Bud Box for 12-15 smoking products each month. Each option includes items like bubblers, grinders, and pipes… OH MY!!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 2 weeks after you order

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4. CannaBake Box

Cost: Starts at $23.00/month

What’s Included: CannaBake Box is all about keeping you stocked with smoking essentials all month long. They have 3 different subscription options with varying quantities of products depending on the box you choose. All boxes include a new glass piece and they include tracking information when boxes ship so you can keep tabs on your goodies before they arrive.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 20th of each month

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Welcome To The Sanctuary Center

Oh hey, I’m Becky. I’m not conventional (who is?). I have 2 partners, 2 kids, and 6 chickens. Throughout my life I’ve performed normal for so long. I’ve put on the show; I’ve pretended that all I wanted was a house in the suburbs, to having matching pajamas in Christmas pictures, and to make my Facebook profile look good. And then I stopped trying. I walked into the Sanctuary Center the first time before it was open. I, like so many others, were called on to volunteer. The spot was new, the energy was high, the excitement was tangible. My kids and I painted the walls in the classroom together. We ate pizza, we knocked down walls. For one of the first times, we were in a space where we could be authentic. I spent the day with my family there enjoying the comradery of a bunch of folks who just needed a place to feel safe and connected. There finally wasn’t a performance. It’s like my whole body exhaled. Since then, I’ve become a part of The Sanctuary Center and am working here full time. Every day I spend here has been a cathartic exercise in embracing the real me. When I greet people now, the smile isn’t fake. When people ask how I like my job, I’m honest when I say I love it. I want to go to work now. One of the reasons I believe so much in this place is the power of community. On the walls, one of our norms states, “We know healing happens in relationships and community, not in isolation.” I read that now every day when I walk in and I sit down to make this place amazing. I believe in this place, and I want you to too. So, random internet reader, I invite you to follow our journey here at the Center. I want you to watch how we’re ever expanding into our community, growing and healing together. I want you to see how we’re giving people who used to have to pretend to be happy, a place to actually laugh and smile. I want you to check out our resources. I want you to drop in and share a cup of tea with me. I want you to learn something new. I want you to see our journey. After all, you’re a part of this too.

Sex Coaching

Sex coaching is for those who are single or in healthy relationships who are looking to explore their sexuality and expand their sexual knowledge.

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Swear Word Coloring Book: Fucksicles: For adults and fans of swearing (cursing,cussing,profanity,swearwords,curse words)! When you want to calm the fuck down or can’t go the fuck to sleep-then color!

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"I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am." - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Swear Word Coloring Book: Fucksicles: For adults and fans of swearing (cursing,cussing,profanity,swearwords,curse words)! When you want to calm the fuck down or can't go the fuck to sleep-then color!

Author: Coloring Books
Pages: 54
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2016
Signed? No
First Edition? No

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Chill the f*ck out and color!

Watermelon Wankjob, Oh Shit! Orange Blast, and Blueberry Bitch, are just few of the popsicle flavors you will find in this swear word adult coloring book. But, what’s even better - you can make up your own!
  • Over 20 fun and original swear word adult coloring book pages that will have you and your friends laughing tears
  • For fans of swear word coloring books, adult coloring books, mandala coloring books, and curse words!
  • Coloring page designs are printed single-sided for your coloring convenience
  • All of your favorite swear word phrases like: Shit Happens, Life's a Bitch, and Get Fucked Up, and many, many more
  • Makes the perfect gift for your friends, family, and co-workers!
Everyone is raving about how relaxing and stress-relieving adult coloring books are. But, there is nothing more relaxing than coloring a bunch of tasty and sweary popsicles! This curse word coloring book is jam-packed with fun retro patterns, funny swear word phrases, and several different popsicle concepts. There is no adult coloring book like it! While you may just want this cuss word coloring book all to yourself, Fucksicles makes a great gift or sets up the perfect coloring party. Buy Fucksicles now!
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The post Swear Word Coloring Book: Fucksicles: For adults and fans of swearing (cursing,cussing,profanity,swearwords,curse words)! When you want to calm the fuck down or can’t go the fuck to sleep-then color! appeared first on IACCCE.

Kink Aware Therapy

A therapist who is Kink Aware recognizes that BDSM, Polyamory, Swinging and other alternative sexual and lifestyle practices are part of the normal sexual spectrum and is able to distinguish healthy sexual play from non-consensual abuse. Kink Aware Therapists (KAT) have additional postgraduate training about alternative sexual expression via, books, articles, continuing education, seminars, websites, etc. KATs are aware what constitutes safe and unsafe play (acknowledging of course that different people have different standards for that). KATs are aware of the roles and role expectations of those who participate in alternative sexual expression lifestyles. Patsy Evans has been an active advocate and Kink Aware Professional for the alternative lifestyle communities for more than a decade. She is also a public speaker and activist for the sex positive culture and freedom movement.