Music With Lyrics: Finding Your Way Back to Yourself After Sexual Assault

E. M. The term itself is insufficient and sounds oddly trivial. The word ‘stealth’ has various associations in the Oxford English Dictionary (2020), including ‘secretly and without right or permission’, ‘clandestinely’, ‘furtive’. A stealth action happ…

How Can I Access Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in the UK?

Dr. Sarah BorgA primer on accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare in the United Kingdom. ALL sexual and reproductive healthcare in the UK is free through the NHS.
The best ways to access sexual and reproductive health services are through a GUM (…

Late Bloomer: A Guide To Orgasm After Rape

Christina EliaWhen my assault happened, I was stunted in my sexual exploration, and I had no choice but to start anew. I’ve learned it will always be an ongoing battle for me, but a possible feat. Scarleteen readers confronting a comparable situation …

The Attunement Bridge: Healing From an Affair

Many factors contribute to recovery from a relational rupture.
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A Series of Letters I Wish I Could Send to My Younger Queer Self

Mo RanyartLetters from the author to himself in his teens and early 20s, as he tries to sort out multiple facets of his identity. Age 13:
Hey, Mo!
You aren’t used to being called that yet, but it sounds good, right? I know you’ve never really connected…