The Politics of Climate Change

Climate Change. Such a word holds the capability to stir hatred, loathing, resentment, inspiration, panic, concern, and a further swarm of emotional cacophony enough to shatter the foundations of bipartisan agreement and teamwork. Rather than reaching across the aisle, the topic has erected a steel curtain between sides upon its existence and implication. Why did this rift come about? Should it remain, or thicken with the uncouth rejection between both parties of perspective? Such questions are met with naught but singular dimension anger. Of course, it is imperative to be informed of the subject if one seeks to provide insight on it.

The politics surrounding Climate Change have been stirred up, and became a systematic game of political warfare. The original offense, however, is one that is a fascinating effect upon the modern thought processes. A primary cause for concern when speaking about the profusion of greenhouse gases are the proliferation of the gas from industry cars, factories, manufacturing processes, and general burning of the finite resources of oil, coal, and natural gas. This was, and still remains, a primary goal of those concerned with the rapidly changing climate: to reduce the carbon emissions of such industries, and hopefully lessen the damage that it may incur upon the environment that we share. This of course, when referring to the zeitgeist of the transition between the 20th to 21st centuries, the transition to more renewable energy sources was monstrously expensive and difficult, and potentially cut into profits of industry.

The discussion of Climate Change became a cost-result problem, rather than that of a humanitarian or environmental discussion. It was taken upon with fear and hostility, for the concerns to be lifted involved a complete turnover and revolution of the manufacturing process. Though the ends were noble and logical, the means were costly, and so believed would annihilate economic growth and productivity. When faced with the idea and imperative you believe will crumble your business or empire you sought so long and fought for? What if your entire business was built upon the foundations of natural gas, coal, oil, or otherwise? It is a natural reaction to oppose that imperative, to resist the request. Such, with a believed threat of economic disaster, the idea of Climate change is rejected vigorously, to this day.

But each dawn is a different situation. Modern day has seen an advancement of renewable, sustainable energy. The revolution has progressed, and the clean energy industry has generated billions of dollars in new technologies. Efficiency has increased, and is rapidly approaching the ability to surpass traditional fossil fuels. Whether it may assist in the effort to lessen the disastrous impacts of Climate change is still up for debate, however the idea of a sustainable, non-finite resource of equal efficiency is the obviously preferred option over finite resources. Does this mean the conversation of the reality of Climate change and the surrounding conflict losing it’s value or purpose? It is up to those informed whether this is the case.

Between the two sides, there is undeniable conflicts of interest, and conviction in their ‘irrefutable’ perspectives. The most effective thing the individual make accomplish in the midst of warring sides to remain knowledgeable, and to be open to the alternative points of view.

Cannabis Industry Sales Opportunities

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“She said Yes… Now What?”

So, you have gotten the “Yes”. You are nervous, anxious, or confident in your ability to show this romantic interest the date of a lifetime. But, it may be in order to acquire some advice on how to have the best kind of fun imaginable with this seemingly intense meeting of the partners. In this passage, I share some of these tricks and pointers in order to have a memorable date.

The first step in any fantastic date is to form a plan. This may seem… redundant to say, but nevertheless is a good starting point to place thought and effort into this excursion you are about to undergo. To have a ‘baller date’, you must understand your date. Place yourself into their perspective. What is it they might prefer for this kind of date? What are the expectations placed upon the experience? If it is a date that holds little to no formality, and is simply the act of hanging out, a nice clean bar would suffice; a warm ambience that promotes comfort. Is your date more formal, or perhaps more luxurious? It might behoove you in order to create a reservation at a local fine dining environment, or luncheon.

The essence of the date is in order to establish how compatible and enjoyable is each others’ company. But would you enjoy time with someone who merely places masks upon themselves to make them more appealing? When the masks stack one upon the other, again and yet again, what is left under the pressure in the true face of that individual? It is not the responsibility of your date to perfectly understand you, peeling off the mask, nor is it your responsibility in order to put on a performance for your prospective partner. This is the second step: be honest with them. Set your expectations, and be true to your own character. A relationship upon a foundation of pretend is no relationship at all. Besides, it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy yourself when yourself is coping with a performance on top of the date.

The third step: to be adaptable. In the words of Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, “no plan of operation extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force”. Your date, or perhaps yourself, may find yourself not enjoying the date, or perhaps an event occuring like rude service or the other. Keep the mind open, aware, and ready to change plans in scenarios such as this, or to bring about the enjoyment in an awkward scene. After all, the determining factor in the success of a date is how much each party involved are willing to relax and live in the moment. You control what you take from the date, so don’t let a random roll of the dice determine your night.

Dates are a wonderful means of determining romantic possibilities between individuals. There will be suboptimal ones, resplendent others, and perhaps it may be ages before a relationship can be formed. But nevertheless, persevere, and enjoy yourself. The secret to a baller date? It’s all in how you pursue it.

Emotional Bank Account for Dummies

Many have sought upwards and low, to the stars and sought advice from the supposed masters of how to make a relationship work. It is the key component to life for which thousands profess assurance, yet hold little wisdom, or covet the knowledge for themselves. What is the key to making a relationship work? What is this hidden secret to be able to enjoy the fruits of a close, romantic bond with another? John Gottman searched for this key, this component of successful romance. His leading theory: the emotional bank account.
What is this bank account? Is it an actual account you open with an establishment for funding? No, it is similar but purely a part of the relationship. Love and the ability to emotionally connect is built upon the continuous, small gestures of positive interaction and affectionate actions over time. This ‘increases’ the amount stored within your emotional bank account. Through these daily, positive interactions, couples will find themselves to be generally in a much more kind and happy relationship as the partners are much more able to emotionally connect with one another.

A fascinating thing to consider is that most conflict in good relationships, if not entirely, are never quite about actions of the other partner. Instead, they are built upon external influence and an inability to emotionally connect with one another. With more conflagration and confusion, the relationship undergoes stress without identifying the key problem. It is said, according to Gottman, it requires at least five positive interactions to make up for one negative one. Negative interactions are far easier to remember, as they hold much larger effects on the system in smaller amounts. But this may be mended with proper tending to your own emotional bank account.

Good couples understand that this is what constructs a proper relationship: the consistent positive influence one has over another, and repairing to make up for the negative interaction. They communicate whenever they feel less effective at emotional connection, and mend bonds. Conflict is a necessary evil when undergoing a truly intimate bond with one another. Conflict shows growth, and interaction. However, the successful couples learn to mend broken fences and to maintain their emotional bank account, despite the struggle. Disagreement is not the end of the world, and people learn to cooperate and meet each other halfway.

The emotional bank account, as a conceptual way to visualize interaction, is a useful tool in order to practically view your romantic bond with someone. Smaller, more consistent positive influence is far more powerful than grandiose gestures of immense affection. It requires thought, effort, and much practice. However, with enough commitment and time, you and your partner will be able to maintain your account to wonderful surplus. After all, who doesn’t like romantic profit?

“Bedazzling Safely: Nipple and Genital Piercing After the Fact”

Piercing is a hobby that provides an entirely new realm of expression and bodily adornment, dating back for decades. People have grown a tender affection for the art of embedding such jewelry unto the body, in various positions as well. The most popular of this kind is the earlobe piercing, and ones scattered around. Following were facial piercings upon the nose, and some lip or tongue. However, in modern times some seek to specially adorne body extremities of unconventional sorts. However, when tended poorly, piercings and jewelry upon genitalia and nipples can often lead to malicious infections and ailments. How does one prevent such unlucky occurrences when seeking to express themselves?

Aftercare for such precariously placed piercings can be delicate, as infections of these regions lead to terribly uncomfortable consequences. The art of self care for these expressions begins with the first rule of tending to any sort of wound: clean and let it be. Especially when regarding genitalia piercings. Refraining from sex until the wound heals is most effective, and speeds along the process of healing the most. However, if push comes to shove, protection of some sort, even with a monogamous partner is necessary in order to protect the wound from agitation, irritation, or otherwise. Protection is usually in the form of condoms that cover the pierced area, and otherwise. Agitated movement of the pierced area is detrimental to the healing process of piercings, no matter the part.

Washes are a common mode of sterilization and treatment for wounds, including that of typical cuts, bruises, lesions, or otherwise. There is no difference here, as piercing is the art of safe wounding in order to adorn with jewelry on the body. The best sort of rinses are sea salt and saline solutions, as these are able to sterilize the area and clean the wound, without being too strong such as soap. Prevent infections, without irritation or aggravation, no? Another tip, provided by Infinite Body Piercing Incorporated, is the use of saline rinse during urination whenever one pierces around or through the urethra for the first few days. This is a stellar treatment to reduce uncomfortable or even painful feelings of the piercing during this period of healing and time.

The last step, while you let the wound heal in its own time without irritation, and the regular application of saline or sea salt rinses, is the acknowledgement that bruises and bleeding are normal. It may seem like a sign of wrong procedure when sudden bruises or bleeding occurs in the first few days after piercing, but this is not the case and is actually perfectly normal. Be prepared for this to happen, as the body requires time to adjust and recover from this procedure, and regrow itself accordingly. If you are highly adverse to possible bruising and bleeding, consider whether piercing is right for you, and recognize that these effects are only temporary.

Piercings are a wonderful expression of self, interests, or otherwise. They are a useful too in order to accompany one’s attire and overall presentation. But, health and safety are the most important factors in any procedure such as this. Be wary, and take care of your body if you choose to make use of piercings.